1. From which sources does Orange City Water Pvt. Ltd. provide water to the city?

– There are several sources of water for the city of Nagpur. Kanhan River, Gorewada Lake and Pench-Khairy Reservoir are the major ones.

2. What is the water helpline number?

– The Toll Free Water Helpline is 1800 266 9899.

3. What documents do i need to avail new water connection?

– For Layouts – Any two of the following documents are required:

a. Registry ( If unavailable, NOC letter from Society)

b. House Tax Receipt

c. Electricity Bill

d. Ration Card

e. Photo ID proof

– For Slums – Any of the following two documents are required

a. Slum Photo Pass

b. Tax Receipt

c. Electricity Bill

d. Aadhar Card

e. Photo ID

f. Ration Card

4. Who decides the tariff structure of water?

– All the rights of deciding water tariff structure are reserved with Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

5. What are the modes of bill payment?

– Currently, we accept your bill through

• Cash
• Cheques / Demand Drafts
• Online Payment

6. What to do if my water supply is disconnected?

7. What do i do is there is a leaking water pipeline in my area?

– Please call the 24×7 Toll Free Water Helpline 1800 266 9899 and register your complaint. You will receive a unique complaint number. With its help you can also check the status of your complaint.

8. What should i do to report a problem?

– Please call the 24×7 Toll Free Water Helpline 1800 266 9899 to register any complaint or for any inquiry related to water.

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